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In working with my clients, we focus on the five key elements of holistic living: 

I guide clients through change by helping them create a stable and sustainable base of holistic lifestyle practices. When you are living from a place of balance and self compassion, the body and mind are better able to survive and thrive. The goal is to shift your day to day equilibrium from a state of fight or flight (sympathetic nervous system), to rest and digest (parasympathetic system). 

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I work on a program basis so we can really dig into this work and my clients can make lasting changes, and start feeling amazing!

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It's not just about improving your health. It's about improving your whole life.

Cammie P.

Working with Lizzie for the past six months has truly improved my life. Through her guidance and advice, I have been able to change my habits and lifestyle towards healthy nutrition and healthier living. She asked me all the right questions and was able to customize a plan that was perfect for me. My energy has increased since I began working with her and I feel better -- she quite simply improved my life. She’s been a wonderful source of nutritional information and her approach to health and wellness will help you flourish. I highly recommend Lizzie; she will change your life!

She quite simply improved my life.

Susan R.

Not only did I get a thorough and thoughtful assessment, but most importantly, Lizzie gave me practical and doable guidance that I could put into practice every day and right away. I wish I had sought her out much earlier - she has made a true difference in how I think about nutrition and my overall well-being.

Lizzie gave me practical and doable guidance.

Casey D.

My sessions with Lizzie were a game-changer in the way I approach nutrition and eating. Though I have a grueling work schedule, I exercise regularly and try to stay away from dessert and pizza when I can. However, talking with Lizzie made me realize several connections and patterns in how I think about eating in relation to both current external pressures and as part of my family history. In addition to the amazing resources with meal plans, buying guides, recipes, lifestyle recommendations, and supplements that fit within my daily life and budget, Lizzie was a kind and warm guide who asked the right questions to help figure out the best nutritional plan for me. Highly recommend giving a session with Lizzie a try, no matter your current lifestyle!

Lizzie was a kind and warm guide. 

Rachel M.

Lizzie has helped me so much with meal planning and grocery shopping! She has provided me with lots of good information on balanced and healthy meals and helped me think about how to adjust my diet to include better meals. She's also given me plenty of tips for grocery shopping - how to read labels, what to look for in food products, and how to select nutrient dense foods. Lizzie has opened my eyes to a better, healthier way to eat and live. 

Lizzie has opened my eyes.

Sarah B. 

Lizzie improved my nutritional habits, but more importantly, my overall quality of life. I was burning the candle at both ends due to a highly demanding career, family life and aging parents. I found Lizzie through a referral and am so grateful for her help. She is much more than a nutritionist -- she is a holistic nutritionist -- meaning she focuses on the big picture and identifying key lifestyle and dietary patterns that can help shift to happier and healthier life. I went in with chronic pain, sleep issues and digestive distress. Lizzie has addressed each of these problems and I’m feeling better than ever and actually look forward to cooking now!

 I actually look forward to cooking now!


I've worked with more than a few coaches, nutritionists, and assorted other experts over the years, tried everything, and had a persistent late-night eating problem. Lizzie was the only one who could get to the root cause of my complaints, and while working with Lizzie I'm finally overcoming it! And I'm even enjoying it?

Lizzie got to the root cause

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