I grew up on the East Coast and was a very happy and healthy kid with no major health problems or complaints. Fast forward twenty years and I found myself in a hospital bed, hooked up to a feeding tube, and battling severe nausea and debilitating abdominal pain.

How did this happen? After a number of years in my early 20's living in a sympathetic state of fight or flight due to prolonged stress, and consuming a diet of highly processed and quick to cook meals, my body said no more. Essential body systems started to slow down and shut down, and this was the wake-up call I could have never seen coming. Instead of relying on a lifetime of the pain relievers and anti-nausea medications doctors prescribed, I decided to focus my time and energy on the daily ways we care for our bodies -- the food we consume and lifestyle patterns we follow.

As a holistic nutritionist with a focus on functional medicine, shopping and cooking used to be a dreaded chore but has transformed into a grounding and soothing practice connecting me to stillness, health, and happiness. I am eager to help my clients re-discover their relationship to the healing powers of food as medicine. 

I'm Lizzie!


I help clients shift their day to day equilibrium from a state of flight or fight (sympathetic nervous system), to rest and digest (parasympathetic system). Whatever storm we are going through, by having a foundation of good health, nourishing self care practices and the relationships and community to support us, we can feel more grounded and in control of our own health and happiness.  

Instead of traditional “diets”, I am trained in the Eating for Health® model, which is a system that supports individuals with custom meal plans focusing on key macronutrients and micronutrients with an emphasis on eating S.O.U.L. foods (seasonal, organic, unrefined and local). I support my clients in learning how to better nourish their physical and mental health through nutrient dense nutrition, sleep routines, daily movement, stress management and prioritizing the relationships and community in our lives.

Let’s make your life work for you


• I love to play pickleball! Some of my closest friends are through pickleball and now I enjoy competing in leagues and tournaments

• Growing up I hated green vegetables! “Growing up” is a generous term…this didn’t change until my mid-20’s

• I have been an avid horse back rider my whole life and rode on the intercollegiate teams in high school and college

• I studied Japanese for five years, and even went to Japanese immersion summer camp as a pre-teen

Fun Facts About Me!

Let's get the credentials out of the way. I’m an active member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) and I graduated from Bauman College with an honors degree in Holistic Nutrition. I also studied Mastering the Art and Science of Gastrointestinal Healing at the Restorative Wellness Solutions. 

Degrees aside, the bottom line is I have walked the walk. I suffered for years with gut problems and took way too many medications in hopes of feeling better. I have had SIBO, severe IBS, C. diff infections, migraines, brain fog, bloat, anxiety and depression to name a few. I refused to live the rest of my life this way, so I did a lot of research + trial and error, and made a number of dietary and lifestyle changes that allowed me to get off all the meds and heal my gut.  On a personal level, I have navigated divorce, multiple moves, rebuilding from scratch, a career change, dating again and making new friendships (so much harder in your 30's!)

why i'm passionate about your health

We get used to not feeling well and it starts to become our new normal. I’m here to change that.
A few promises from me:

The most powerful tool in our self care tool belt is what we put in our bodies and how we care for ourselves. I love teaching clients how to nourish both their body and mind. 

I also recognize that food and self care can be super-charged with emotions, opinions, and deep-rooted preconceptions for many people. I offer an unbiased space to untangle these ideas and find the right happy medium in your health journey. 

I will cheer you on, celebrate your successes and hold you accountable to our work together.