One of the common misconceptions about health, wellness and nutrition is that it’s only for people who have money to burn and healthyeating is not for those on a budget.  While this can be true in some instances — like dining out at the trendy plant based cafe in your town may not always be […]

Can healthy eating be budget friendly?

Holistic Nutrition Lizzie Nelson
5 summer favorites_ Lizzie Nelson

As the months get warmer and the sun more intense, here are some of my must haves as we spend more and more time outside. These products will help you stay cool, hydrated, protected from the sun and even a yummy (and healthy) recipe to enjoy as dessert. Elta MD Sunscreen Why I love it: […]

Top 5 Summer Favorites

Despite all the fad diets, influencers promoting meal plans, and supplements promising certain body transformations, there is one thing almost any nutritionist, medical professional or health coach can agree on — we all need to eat more greens. Yes, those leafy green vegetables we always see in the produce section of our local grocery store […]

GREENS – why we need ‘em and how to cook ‘em

Raise your hand if you can recall a time when your body paid the price of a stressful job – the absence of work-life balance, the feeling of being continually overworked and physically sick and run down. At this point, that’s likely all of us, and this is exactly the state I’d been living in […]

My story + why I believe in food as medicine