By now we have all probably heard about the microbiome in our gut and the importance of keeping our good gut bacteria happy and healthy. But there is another microbiome within our body that is getting a lot of buzz these days as well – our oral microbiome. You read that correctly! Within our mouth, […]

All About the Oral Microbiome

oral microbiome

That afternoon slump in energy is oh so common with clients. Or even the evening sugar cravings…we’ve all been there. It can feel like you have no willpower and are completely drained of your energy, focus and alignment. I always believe that working with your bodyand your unique bio-individuality is the secret to success vs. […]

What is blood glucose and how does it impact metabolism?

Protein is getting a lot of (well deserved) buzz these days in the wellness space. This macronutrient is essential for supporting muscles, fueling the brain, keeping our immune systems strong, and leaving us feeling satisfied between meals.  It’s worth noting the difference between being full vs. being satiated. When you are full, you may feel […]

Top signs of protein deficiency and how to boost your daily intake

Right now I am working with a number of clients on natural ways they can boost their immune system. While I am certainly a fan of boosting supplementation this time of year for Vitamin C, Zinc and D3/K2 (liquid form of D3/K2 is the most bio-available), there are also a handful of ways we can […]

How to Naturally Support Your Immune System

With some simple planning and intentional choices, it is possible to indulge in sweets. I teach clients even moderation needs to be in moderation sometimes! Time of day is key Have a balanced lunch Eat Slow AND Small Water, water, water Movement is your friend

How to Enjoy Sweets in Moderation and Stay on Track with Health Goals

One of my favorite parts about client work is having a front row seat to seeing someone’s day to day quality of life improve. This can range from clients experiencing better sleep to less bloating, improved digestion to glowing skin, or more energy to less anxiety.  One of the ways we achieve long term, sustainable […]

What exactly is Habit Stacking and why does it work?

One of the common misconceptions about health, wellness and nutrition is that it’s only for people who have money to burn and healthyeating is not for those on a budget.  While this can be true in some instances — like dining out at the trendy plant based cafe in your town may not always be […]

Can healthy eating be budget friendly?

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When I was in school at Bauman College, one of the first things we learned was the philosophy of eating a S.O.U.L. diet. This may be the #1 rule of thumb I teach my clients about to this day. So what does this approach to diet mean? S.O.U.L. stands for seasonal, organic, unrefined and local. […]

What is a S.O.U.L. diet?

As the months get warmer and the sun more intense, here are some of my must haves as we spend more and more time outside. These products will help you stay cool, hydrated, protected from the sun and even a yummy (and healthy) recipe to enjoy as dessert. Elta MD Sunscreen Why I love it: […]

Top 5 Summer Favorites

5 summer favorites_ Lizzie Nelson

Mindful eating is the practice of eating a meal in a state of being sensually awakened. This practice shifts our bodies into a parasympathetic state of rest and digest. By slowing down and being present with the food we are consuming, we actually improve digestion, increase eating intuition (think stopping when full), increase nutrient absorption, […]

5 Ways to Eat More Mindfully